How to Order Tests?
It really is simple, decide which tests you want to take and just click through and purchase online. The kit will then be posted by royal mail direct to your home or work if you prefer. Most test kits can be done in the comfort of your own home apart from those that may need a full sample of blood taken by a professional. For the tests done at home, the kit can then be posted back direct to the laboratory. It is important to follow all instructions with the kit and posted back in time to arrive on a weekday, not on Saturday when the labs are closed. 

For those tests indicated, blood must be taken by a professional and can be done either at the Genova lab in New Malden or Quest or Biolab in London for details please follow this link, location
Take the kit with you and they will deal with it after your blood has been taken. 
Alternatively if these are not convenient to you, a local GP, private hospital or laboratory should provide this service at an additional charge. The kit will be sent to you after ordering and you can take it with you to have your blood taken. You may have to organise posting depending on the service.

How do I pay for the tests?
These can all be purchased online through google checkout on your credit or debit card. If you would like to pay by cheque, please email your order to orders@allergy-health-testing.co.uk stating the test you require and your details including your address and will process your order.

How do I get my results? 
Once the results are processed, allergy-health-testing will send you them by email or post. The majority of tests take 10 working days. Digestive tests take longer as cultures need to be grown. 

If I need more advice? 
An explanation of test results and nutritional advice relevant to the testing via a telephone consultation with a qualified nutritional therapist is available to purchase online. Or if you would like to have a full consultation with a nutritional therapist in your area, this can be purchased online and we will refer an BANT qualified nutritional therapist to you.

What is a nutritonal therapist?
He/she is someone who is highly trained in clinical nutrition. They are registered under the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy, BANT. Recently there is a new body called the Nutritional Therapy Council who have a national register of qualified nutritional therapists. There are separate to nutritionists and dietitians. 

Where are the Tests Processed?
We use a number of different laboratories that specialise in varying areas. The tests have been hand picked so you don't have to wade through the great many and confusing websites and tests available on the net. The companies used are Genova Diagnostics, Cambridge Nutritional Sciences Ltd. and YorkTest Laboratories. All are well established and professional. Please view their websites for further details.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
We will refund you in full if you change your mind up to seven working days after receiving your kit and once you have returned your unused kit to Allergy Health Testing. The purchase price will be refunded, excluding any shipping costs. Once the lab has received your sample, it is not possible to refund you.

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